The 12 golden travelling rules

.... which you should know and respect!



  1. Begin to experience your trip with the desire to learn more about the country and the people.
  2. Make it a habit to listen and observe, rather than just to hear and see.
  3. Keep in mind that other people also have different customs. This does not mean that they are bad - they're just different.
  4. Discover how interesting and valuable it can be to get to know a different kind of life.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the local habits and customs. You are sure to find someone who can help.
  6. Take off the habit idea to have an answer for everything. Be even one who would like to have an answer.
  7. Remember that you are only one of thousands of tourists in the country. Therefore dont expect a privilege status.
  8. If something is not clear for you then please ask, inquire! In that case, the Internet can help a lot - and also the local tourist office.
  9. Take some time in your holday to digest your experiences. You will then have more of traveliling.
  10. Please compare always like with like. A 3-star hotel offers not the service of a 5 star hotel! It is therefore correspondingly cheaper. Finally, price and performance should be in a balance.
  11. In vacation you should leave your watch at home! Don't worry if something doesn't happens just "in time"! Finally - you are on vacation!
  12. If you would "life" like at home on your holidays, please don't waste your money and stay at home!

    So then - we are wishing you a pleasant and relaxing stay with us at the Schlosshotel!